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Q: So What are EMRs and how can they help my practice?

A: EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records. Adding an EMR program to your practice allows you to improve efficiency, keep more comprehensive records, and help your bottom line by providing a streamlined, computer based charting solution. Contact us for more information and a free consultation!






Announcing the Release of Medisoft Mobile 3.0

The Version 3.0 Medisoft Mobile application will be compatible with Medisoft Versions 21 and 22
This includes iPhones, iPads and certain Android Tablets.
Please note, the older versions will not be supported after December 31, 2017

The New Medisoft Mobile App version 3.0 is now White Colored with Blue “Medisoft” letters.
The Black or Orange colors are the old version.

Click Here for the NEW Patient Intake, a free application added in Version 20

Click Here for Medisoft Mobile Info

Mobile App for Android Tablets

McKesson has released Medisoft Version 20 Mobile App for Android Tablets.
This is for the NEW Patient Intake application added in Version 20.
You can download the app from the Google Play store by searching for Medisoft v20

Click Here for the Brochure on the Mobile App for Android Tablets and System Requirements.

Watch a Video Demo on YouTube.

Please click this link to Watch a Video Demo of Patient Intake on YouTube.

Please click this link to Watch a Medisoft Mobile Video Demo on YouTube.

Medisoft Information Click Here to see more information on the current version of Medisoft.

Medisoft Mobile

See your Office Hours Appointments from your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iTouch.
Let everyone else worry about how long the superbills will be with the new ICD-10 codes.
Note: This feature is available only for Medisoft Network Professional.

It’s time to go Mobile.

Medisoft Mobile, a free application for the iPad, iPad mini, iTouch and iPhone, and Medisoft - the latest upgrade for the Medisoft practice management system, combine to help your practice run smarter, optimize reimbursement, and improve productivity. Using the combined offerings of Medisoft Version 19 and Medisoft Mobile, will help you verify insurance eligibility before scheduled appointments, collect co-payments and balances due at the time of check in, submit claims electronically, produce professional, easy-to-read patient statements, and electronically capture your charges and diagnoses.

Medisoft and Medisoft Mobile solutions can help you:

  • Electronically capture charges and diagnosis entries, (no more paper superbills!)

  • Enter charges and diagnoses from anywhere

  • Submit claims to your biller at the tap of a button

  • View your schedule on your mobile device

  • Support simplified patient accounting

  • Track practice performance efficiently and easily

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